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The chief priests at the Press conference.

The principal elders of Korle We in Gamashie have called on President John Mahama to deal with members of his administration who allegedly masterminded the attack on the Korle Wulomo last week.

The Shippi of the Ga, Gbese, Korle Paramount Stool, Numo Okai Keteku I, addressing the press, said they were displeased with the attack on the Korle Wulomo, which left him with various degrees of injury.

He said the thugs, who were allegedly acting on the orders of Nii Adu Aryeetey, the Korle We Dzasetse on Sunday, 24th July and Saturday, 30th July, attacked Numo Okai I and members of his family, vandalized the shrine and took his valuable items.

“The desecration of the body of the Korle Wulomo and the Korle Shrine is an abomination that should be condemned by all.

He said a report was made to the James Town Police, adding that Nii Adu Aryeetey informed the police that he sent the thugs to destool the Wulomo but not to commit criminal acts.

“We call on the police to do their work. Those trespassers in Korle must not only be flushed out but must face charges of criminal trespass, unlawful entry, causing harm, carrying offensive weapons, causing damage, robbery and discharging guns in town,” he added.

The Shippi of Ga Gbese Kolrle Paramount Stool said destoolment is an extreme punishment hesitatingly exacted.

“For the purpose a meeting is specifically convened with the matter of destoolment as they only agenda. The Mantse or head of the family is charged with the offences, necessitating his destoolment and he comes prepared to the meeting with his defence. He is heard and if the defence is acceptable he remains at post. It is only if he is found liable and an apology is not accepted that he is suspended. Nii Adu Aryeetey unilaterally cannot destool the Korle Wulomo,” he said.

The elders cautioned political figures not to interfere in the issues of the Ga State.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri & Fawaz Abdallah

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