What Really Happens If You Don’t Wash Your Towels Regularly?


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001The Situation: It’s laundry day, but you’re just too busy to wash more than one load. Since you’re not into going to work naked, that load is full of pants, shirts, and underwear. You promise yourself you’ll do the towels next week, but when the next laundry day rolls around, you’re too busy again. And the next. And the next. Before long you can’t even remember the last time you threw a load of towels in the wash. And suddenly that towel you keep reusing is not exactly fresh.

What You’re Worried About: A skin infection! Or athlete’s foot. (Commonly picked up at the gym…like these other diseases.) Or maybe fungus will start growing…down there?

The Very Worst That Could Happen: You’ll end up in the ICU. It’s possible, but very, very unlikely, says Susan Whittier, PhD, director of the clinical microbiology service at New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Medical Center. Even though you’re clean when you dry off after a shower, you’re still transferring skin bacteria to your towel. Those bacteria then multiply, day after day. For the most part, drying off with a towel covered in your own skin bacteria won’t cause you any harm. But if you happen to be carrying a pathogenic bacteria like MRSA, as about 10% of healthy people do, and also happen to have dry, cracked skin or a cut, you can infect yourself, Whittier says. There’s an even smaller chance—think less than 1%— that infection will go anywhere beyond the skin, but if it does get into your blood, you’ll find yourself in the hospital. Even for people who carry MRSA, washing a towel every four or five uses will keep the likelihood of infection in the probably-never-going-to-happen range.

Even if you didn’t wash your towels after 4 (or 30) uses, you’re still not going to get a fungal infection, Whittier says. “Something like a yeast or fungus isn’t part of our normal skin flora,” she says. “A normal, healthy person wouldn’t be carrying fungus on their skin.” No fungus on your skin means no fungus on your towel and therefore no fungal infection—even athlete’s foot: If you end up with that, you can blame your shower floor and whoever walked on it before you.

What Will Probably Happen: You’ll walk around smelling like a musty towel. After just four uses, your towel will be covered in thousands—possibly millions—of bacteria. Bacteria that you’re then wiping all over your “clean” body. Kind of counterproductive, don’t you think?

4 before court for stealing Ghc823, 120 from public funds


Four persons accused of stealing Ghc823, 120 belonging to the state were last Tuesday arraigned before the Accra Circuit Court. The money believed to be pension benefits, were paid into the accounts of some beneficiaries whose relations had purportedly passed on.

The accused persons are Godwin Komla Amegbe, an Accountant with the Controller and Accountant Generals’ Department (CAGD) and Sonny Eric Adinyira, a staff of CAGD attached to the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice.

The others are Mawufemor Wugah, a staff of ASSA Savings and Loans and Kennedy Antwi, an employee of Zoomlion Ghana Limited.

They were jointly charged with conspiracy to commit crime to wit stealing and defrauding by false pretence.

The accused persons denied the charges and each had been admitted to bail in the sum of Ghc20,000 with three sureties, one to be justified.

An accomplice, Richard Asamoah, staff of CAGD, attached to the Pensions Unit, is at large.

The accused persons are expected to reappear before the court presided over by Mrs Jennifer Myles Ahmed, on October 30.

Earlier, Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), Mr. Abraham Annor, prayed the court to remand the accused persons as investigations were ongoing.

However, Mr. Godwin Avernogbo, defense counsel, objected to the prosecution’s request, saying the accused persons had been denied access to their counsel while they were in the custody of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI).

Mr. Avernogbo explained that the offence leveled against the accused persons was bailable and as such, the court should not grant its blessing for the accused persons to be remanded.

Mr. Annor told the court that intelligence gathered revealed that some staff of CAGD paid monies into accounts of some persons purported to be beneficiaries of deceased persons, including someone known as Patience Kuwornu, and managed to withdraw the cash.

Based on that in June this year, Amegbe contacted Adinyira to get someone to open an account with the Standard Chartered Bank (SCB), so he could transfer monies into the said account.

Adinyira, therefore, introduced Wugah and Antwi to Amegbe.

The prosecutor said Wugah accordingly opened an account with the branch of SCB at Abeka Lapaz with an initial deposit of Ghc12.00.

Amegbe, the prosecution said, instructed that Ghc77, 000 being the pension benefit of Patience Kuwornu be credited to the said account.

On September 16, this year, Antwi and Wugah went to the bank to withdraw the money.

However, an official of the bank asked Wugah to produce evidence of the deceased on whose behalf the money was credited.

The prosecution said Wugah produced a fake Letter of Administration, Confirmatory letter and affidavit, to prove that he was a beneficiary of the deceased’s money and on September 16, this year, the bank called Wugah to come and withdraw the money and alerted the BNI.

The prosecution said Wugah and Antwi went to withdraw Ghc35, 000.00 and the police managed to arrest Wugah but Antwi escaped. The money was retrieved from Wugah.

The police managed to arrest the other accused persons at separate locations.

Antwi also said during investigations that Adinyira asked him to open an account with the Barclays Bank in March this year and Ghc69, 000 was lodged in it.

The prosecutor said further investigation revealed that Patience Kuwornu had never worked with the Ghana Education Service as an Assistant Director of Education.


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