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      President John Mahama Must Re-swear his Oath of Office – Open Letter to the Chief Justice

Dear Chief Justice of Ghana, a few days ago, I read a highly politically-charged article posted on the Modern Ghana website, written by Frank Mackay Anim-Appiah, and titled, President John Mahama—A Perfect Candidate For Impeachment.

Unlike a male Ghanaian citizen I have heard many times jocularly describe himself as a “political animal”, I am unable to comprehend much of the political analysis put out by the writer as this “political animal” probably would!

However, upon reflecting on the numerous problems the writer catalogued as facing Ghanaians, and because of which he demanded opposition political parties to initiate impeachment proceedings against the sitting President, I count myself blessed to have been given a holy and heavenly solution to the myriad of problems that Ghanaians are facing today, and which we may yet face in coming years, if we remain spiritually lethargic.

My spiritual mind tells me that the solutions to our national problems are not in the impeachment of the President or even in a resounding election victory for another political party other than the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) in this year’s Presidential and Parliamentary elections, as some are clamoring for!

Our problems are as a result of the inefficacy of the Presidential Oath, and all such other oaths, as they currently stand under The 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana. A properly sworn Presidential Oath must not only be seen as an indication of the spiritual force and backing of the Most High One behind the President, but also as an alliance of the Nation with Him, and, thus, it is justifiably expedient that all other Article 71 public office holders of this Constitution also properly swear their respective oaths of office before they start work in any administration.

In 1999, exactly seven years after the promulgation of this Constitution, there was a big spiritual shaking of the universe that was meant to affect, direct, and control all activities of all the inhabitants of the Earth, including Ghana. This shaking, it seems to me, was to usher in the twenty-first century and catapult mankind into an era of prosperous health and wealth! Sadly, however, mankind neither felt this shaking at all, nor could it take advantage of it to reap its intended blessings!

And so, even after this shaking of the universe, there have come three Presidents of our Republic, each with a peculiar story of a John to tell—John Agyekum Kufuor (JAK), John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills (JEFAM) of most blessed memory and John Dramani Mahama (JDM)—all of whom have, for five cumulative times, sworn by a wrongly-worded Presidential Oath! What a tale of Ghanaian political succession and continuity!!

This is because, whenever any of these oaths was sworn, it was done without due recourse to and recognition of the cause of this shaking of the universe and was, therefore, wrong, illegal, ineffective, and thus without any spiritual blessings whatsoever, since it never took on board the Will of the Most High One!!

Since ignorance of a law does not excuse any violator of it from guilt and punishment, and also, owing to the fact that no one benefits from ignorance, Ghana’s cup seems to have become full after the fifth swearing-in ceremony by a President to a wrong and ineffectual Presidential Oath!! For this error in oath-swearing, Christian clergymen in the Republic are blamable!

Swearing by a wrongly-worded Presidential Oath establishes allegiance to an unintended spiritual power; a spiritual power who may even be a disguised enemy of the State! Swearing, albeit ignorantly, in the name of a being that has lost its power, is to make the oath that is sworn as powerless as it can possibly be! Swearing, unaware, by a name which can be proven to be a source of confusion, anarchy and strife, is to invoke confusion, unconsciously, upon the one who swears it and also upon all those people represented by the one who swears the oath!!

The 1999 shaking of the universe came about as the result of a pack of powerful words that had been released from the Throne of the Most High One into the universe; words which have, ever since, been vibrating and echoing in the universe, and will continue to do so till the perfect Will of the Most High One is adhered to by mankind!!

This powerful sound vibe has so far only resulted in the publication of a very radical and unique English Bible which is currently the latest edition of the popular King James Version Bible (KJV)! This latest KJV Bible is the first phase of a project aimed at mending flaws in all versions of the English Bible. “But, how can flaws be in the English Bible??” one may ask!

Well, this latest edition KJV Bible is titled, The Restored Names King James Version Bible (RNKJVB) and in it, the words, “God”, Jesus, Christ, Christian and Christians, found in the KJV Bible, are struck out and replaced with Elohiym, Yahushua, Messiah, Messianic and Messianics, respectively! The utterance of the words Elohiym and Yahushua—the two most powerful vibrations ever uttered—brought about the shaking of the universe mentioned earlier on!!

Unbelievable changes; yet, so! Also, all such words as Godhead, godliness, godly, God’s and God-ward, which were considered by mankind as holy words in the Old and New KJV Bible, have been struck out and are, thus, non-existent in the RNKJVB!! What a big shake up in the spirit world; and yet Ghana seems oblivious??

All English Bibles, just like the KJV, have in them all these words that have been replaced by the RNKJVB, and so must also go the same way of the RNKJVB, or else remain irrelevant forever! What these changes of the RNKJVB must mean is that, by a rare latest release from the ‘Office of the Creator’ to mankind, the Creator’s name must never be thought by anyone to be “God”, as was in the days of ignorance, but Elohiym; and that the name of His holy son must forever be Yahushua, as was in the beginning, and never the “JESUS” of Goyim (Gentile) origin!!

Note that these are not name-changes; they are restorations to THE TRUTH which had in time past become lost to mankind, and hence the title, The Restored Names King James Version Bible of this latest KJV Bible!!

Compliance with the information regarding these restorations of names was meant to be prompt and immediate at the 1999 date of publication of the RNKJV. From the date of publication of the RNKJVB, the Ivrit name Elohiym of the Creator was restored to mankind and was NEVER to be thought of as being the Goyim word “God”, hitherto believed to be so by an entire Earth!!

So then, when President-elect John Agyekum Kufuor swore the Presidential Oath at his inauguration on 7th January, 2001, by the words of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana, thus, “I, John Agyekum Kufuor, . . . . do in the name of the Almighty GOD swear . . . So help me GOD”, while holding aloft in his right hand an English Bible with “God” repeated more than four thousand times in it, believing “God” to be the name for the Most High One, he erred!!

And this error of JAK was passed on to Prof. JEFAM, only to be inherited by JDM; and by their children and by their children’s children, until the error is righted! Could this be the reason for the numerous difficulties His Excellency JDM is facing in his rule??

So then, dear Chief Justice, let His Excellency John Dramani Mahama re-swear the Presidential Oath with the true name—Elohiym—of the Most High One in it, instead of the Goyim word of offence, “God”, that has hurt the fortunes of our dear country for so long! Please, let JDM re-swear so that Ghanaians may have the power of the Most High One behind us to give us the peace and prosperity He has determined by His Will to come to our nation.

Only when the sitting President re-swears the Presidential Oath, with the Almighty being referred to as Elohiym, will he sit securely, rightly and properly, and with the appropriate power backing him; and then shall all the citizens and the country prosper in every way!

My dear Chief Justice of Ghana: Please consider this issue very seriously, not forgetting the public outcry of Ghanaians against President Prof. John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills of blessed memory, who, at his inauguration on January 7, 2009, fumbled in uttering some words while swearing the Presidential Oath before the good people of Ghana, leading many citizens to demand that he re-swear the oath properly!

The mishap President-elect Barack Obama also suffered, when, on January 20, 2009, while being inaugurated as the 44th President of the USA, he too fumbled in uttering some of the words of his Oath of Office, must also give us food for thought! In that instance, President Obama was compelled to swear the oath a second time, the next day, so as to ensure that he brought the right effects of his oath upon the American people!

It would seem that these two incidents in Ghana and the USA were meant to draw our spiritual minds to what effects a wrongly-sworn Presidential Oath has on any nation! Sadly, we completely missed their spiritual import!

So then, dear Chief Justice, please let His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama re-swear the Presidential Oath; properly, and in line with current spiritual happenings in the universe. Then shall our dear President stand tall among his peers for showing holy leadership, courage, boldness and submissiveness to the Most High One; and also open the way for all our future Presidents after him to also swear correctly!

And then, as our dear country blazes the trail for the world to follow, will the Most High One shine his face upon the country, and pour out immeasurable blessings upon us by redirecting the wealth of the nations into our coffers!

Long live Ghana! Long live the President!! Long live all good citizens of our great Republic!!! Shalom aleikhem!

PS: Should readers of this and any of my articles have serious questions or suggestions, they may contact me via e-mail by clicking on “Contact” on the Home Page of my website, You may also purchase a copy of my book—Beware of This False Doctrine: Of Reciting the Sinners’ Prayer for Salvation—via the same web address so, together, we walk the narrow way to the presence of Elohiym. Shalom.

By NngmingBongle Bapuohyele


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