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Ghana Grid Company Limited (GRIDCO) has donated a state of the art drone to support the Ghana Police Service operations in maintaining law and order in the upcoming elections.

The drone, worth between US$20,000.00-US$10,000.00, is expected to improve police monitoring operations from the skyl. Drone is a flying robot remotely controlled or operated through automatic software that controls flight plans in their fixed systems working in conjunction with Global Positioning System (GPS).GRIDCO SUPPORTS GHANA POLICE WITH DRONE1

Drones have currently been adopted by security agencies research and rescue, surveillance, traffic monitoring, weather monitory, firefighting and other purposes.

The Inspector General of Police (IGP), Dr. John Kudalor receiving the high tech flying robot, said the donation was dream come true, as the service had plan to own drones to enhance security operations in the country.

He was of the view that many security organisations around the world have adopted the use of drones to increase law and order enforcements in their respective countries and it was appropriate that Ghana follows suite.

Mr. Kudalor stressed that the service had longed for the drones but was financially incapacitated to purchase what he believes have the ability to help the police clang down on criminal activities in the country.

Handling over the drone, the Chief Executive officer of GRIDCO, William Amuna said the donation was to affirm the power transition company partnership with the police in maintaining peace, law and order, and combating crime.

“We know very well that policing has changed. The very presence of police around our city here has brought a lot of peace to this city. Now, we know very well that the criminal will always try to outsmart the police especially now that we have a lot of technology around that can easily be used.

“In this regard, GRIDCO decided to partner with the police to look at the possibility of using technology to fight crimes,” he added.

Giving reasons for the donation, he said drones are been used by the police all over the world lately and it was important that Ghana police gets their fair share to augment their operations. He promised to provide more of such assistance to police in the near future.

By Bernice Bessey & Joana Lisa Quarshie


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