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Campus Girls, big time prostitues
IT is a thing of joy to see parents feeling happy that their daughters are in various institutions of higher learning scattered all over our country, acquiring knowledge that will shape their future and make them great women in time to come. And naturally, parents should have no cause to doubt the good behaviour of their daughters, especially when it comes to issue of chastity, if that child was properly brought up to fear God, respect other people and to see her body as a temple of God that should not be defiled no matter the pressure.

However, if the investigations we carried out for some weeks in selected cities on campus prostitution, is to be used as yard stick, then parents, including the wealthy among us should have a rethink as to where their precious daughter, so calm, innocent looking and highly respectable is at this moment, because prostitution on our campuses have gone beyond the level of past time, it is now a highly organized and digitalized business not only practiced by the female students, but also by some boys who act as pimps to the female students and sometimes themselves service the pervert needs of wealthy homosexuals.

It is important to note here that because of the agreement to protect some sources who spoke to us on condition of anonymity, we are going to use imaginary names in some cases in order not to breach agreement and to protect our sources, which is very important to us.

So one of our sources, Grace, informed us that, “The willing girls are carefully chosen to avoid sell out. It is almost like a cult because the girls are put under oath of secrecy to protect members. If the clients, be they politicians or top businessmen require short -time sexual entertainment by our girls, we charge GH300 per client and if the girls shall sleep over, it goes for GH500 per girl. However, we have what is called wild party which could hold at any time of the day according to the wishes of the clients. This wild party is really wild as anything goes, including the girls going nude to the admiration of the clients and having wild sex collectively within the closet.”

The above account by an operator of this campus prostitution ring is just one of the information we gathered in the cause of our investigations. In the above scenario, the girls did not move outside their campus arena because their clients came to town for one meeting or the other and decided to go wild on the laps of these bad female students who decided to turn themselves into sex tools, just for money.
For parents who might want to see if their daughters are involved in this shameful act but do not know the possible places to visit, we shall expose some of these hide- outs for them to know. In Accra, our capital city, these bad girls parade their trades in all night clubs scattered in and around the city, with the most popular ones.

The fact is that in all the towns in Ghana there are places where these girls gather to have fun. But one may be propelled to ask are these students really students? The fact according to Jennifer(not real name),is that, “Some of us like myself are real students who because of various reasons engage in prostitution in order to meet up in school, why some are professional students.

Yet another victim called Gift was full of what appeared like remorse during our interaction. As she stated, “I really don’t think that I embraced prostitution because of lack as my parents could afford my basic needs and even beyond.

“My case was that of bad company and the urge to live above one’s means and be seen as a big girl on campus. I have reached the point where I feel ashamed of myself and cry out my heart. I think my case is either a spiritual problem or an addiction for which I ask God to liberate me.”

Bose, said that she is afraid of mistakenly contracting sexually transmitted diseases or even the dreaded Human Immuno Virus,(HIV), which causes the Acquired Immuned Deficiency Syndrome(AIDS), getting pregnant by mistake, or being utilized by ritualists for diabolic purposes. Asked if she plays the game flesh to flesh, she screamed, “Do you want to kill me? I insist on condom, but the fact is that some rough guys can burst the condom during the game, especially if one became very dry and in split seconds the guy could lose control and discharge inside my private part during condom burst, thereby putting me at risks.

One vital question to ask is how they cope with the rigors of academics when some of them stay away for weeks while serious lectures are going on in their various schools. To all of them, it is not a problem at all as Gift recounted, “We usually have confidants whom we shower with financial inducement to copy notes for us and maneuver to make sure he or she signs the attendance register for us. But for some stubborn lecturers, we pray that they pick interest in our body which we could quickly and gladly give them in order to pass their papers.

credit: Ebenezer Edohasim
Daily Champion


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