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13 Ways to Know She’s Not a Keeper …

It can be hard to tell if a woman is a keeper. We narrowed it down to 13 ways to tell she’s not a keeper so that you can make wiser choices and find yourself a new woman whom you can share anniversaries with instead of angry texts.

1. She looks for attention.

Constantly. She’s the type to fish for compliments even after the ocean’s dry. This indicates that she’s either too insecure or she’s unsatisfied with what you tell her, and she has her set expectations for what she thinks you should’ve said to her, and badgers until you stop everything and treat her like she’s a new religion. Next time she looks for attention, put Christmas lights on her, then wave goodbye.

2. Too insecure.

If she is too insecure, there’s only so much another person can do to help her be comfortable with herself. Confidence and love for oneself comes from within. If she doesn’t love herself, she can’t love you without not trusting you. Even worse- she can’t live without you. Get yourself a woman who is confident in herself, whom you won’t feel guilty to confront about any withstanding issues, whom you can please without feeling like you’re trying to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, and who makes you feel good about yourself too.

3. She talks shit all the time.

She talks about how deceitful all of her friends are, and how they aren’t nearly as good as she’d like them to be. Ditch the catty girl who’s vicious about her “best bitches” and go for the girl who sticks up for her best friends.

4. She hates your family.

A keeper will know how to become part of your family in an instant, and never turn you against your family, ever. Maybe you aren’t fond about the environment you grew up in. Even then, she won’t rag on your family, she’ll remind you that you are where you are now for a reason. She’ll always see the positives in every situation. Family comes first, and only a girl who’s a keeper will understand that.

5. She alters your interests to match what she wants instead.

She’ll tell you to change small things, then bigger things, then everything. You are your own person. Don’t let someone with their own issues tell you to completely change yourself. If she didn’t like the way you were in the first place, she shouldn’t have wasted your time by being with you in the first place.

6. No sexual compatibility.

Sex is really important for a healthy lifestyle. There needs to be passion, and the feeling of ultimate completion when you explore each other’s bodies. If neither of you feel as if you’re giving each other the amount of pleasure that’s suitable for the other, then that leaves room for cheating. But gentlemen have outstanding qualities in the bedroom and can usually rule this one out.

7. She’s NEVER content.

Even after you’ve gone above and beyond to keep her satisfied with something, anything, she doesn’t appreciate what you do for her. She also won’t be satisfied if you leave her, but she’ll get over it. Return the Louboutins and keep the change. Eh.

8. Daddy’s Girl:

The main reason you don’t want to date Daddy’s girl is because Daddy’s girl has never been told “no”. She’s always gotten everything she’s wanted, because she’s manipulative. She knows how to work Dad to get what she wants, and she will try to do the same thing to you. When you decide to grow a pair and say no, she throws a hissy fit like a thirteen year-old girl and doesn’t stop until you give in. Being Daddy’s girl also means Daddy’s never going to like you. You’re the guy having sex with his daughter. He hates your guts. It’s a lose-lose situation for you.

9. The One With All Guy Friends:

Anyone who dates a chick with all guy friends will eventually drive themselves crazy. If you’re a guy, you know why. If you’re a woman, you’re completely oblivious to this situation. For the most part, the only reason guys are “friends” with girls is because they think they can eventually have sex with them. Whether or not their female “friend” is in a relationship doesn’t actually matter. Her guy friends will talk shit about you, tell her how awful you are and then tell her she can do better. Meanwhile, you’re sitting around trying to figure out if she’s going to cheat on you with one of her guy friends. Then you use the excuse, “I trust you, but I don’t trust them”. Then the relationship turns to shit. Sure, guys and girls can be friends. But her guy friends have ulterior motives. And the motive is to get rid of you so they can move in for the kill.

10. The Social Media Celebrity:

Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat; you name it, they’re all over it. Their selfie game is at a level you didn’t even think a human being could reach; and all she cares about is how many likes she gets per day. She gets tons of messages from creepy guys asking her when she wants to hang out, and she gets really creepy comments from the same guys drooling over her pictures. Plus, she loves the attention. And when you don’t show her the same attention that some socially awkward creep shows her on instagram, she fights with you about how you don’t appreciate her. You would rather give yourself tetanus than date this woman.

11. The Text You All Day:

She needs to know what you’re doing at every waking moment of the day. Who are you with? How did you get to work? How did you sleep? What’d you have for lunch? What are you doing at work? Yes, every annoying question, she expects you to answer all day, every day. If you don’t answer her for five minutes you get a series of follow up texts. She also wants you to text her while you’re out with your friends. Next thing you know, you see her in person and you have absolutely nothing to talk about. Why? Because you’ve been talking all day long. Then you wonder why your relationship is more boring than the Mayweather-Pacquiao fight.

12. Let’s Do Everything Together:

Gym, food shopping, going out with the guys; she wants to do it all with you. She suffocates you like a Boa Constrictor does to its prey. After just a little while, you start taking hour long showers because it’s the only time you can get away from her. You tell her you’re working late just so you can have two beers with the guys without her around. Basically, you begin heading for the hills because she’s eroding your manhood like waves hitting the beach. It’s the most unhealthy relationship you could ever be in.

13. All I Talk About Is Myself:

She’s a legend in her own mind. She’s awesome, she’s the best at everything, and she will constantly tell you about it. There is literally never a sentence out of her mouth that doesn’t involve the words “I” or “me”. The worst part is that she will also tell you everything that’s wrong with you; and how you should let her fix it. Why? Because she’s the best and everyone should know it. Also, your friends hate her. They will never approve of this chick because they can’t be around her for more than five minutes. You don’t really like her that much either, you just think the sex is good, so you deal with her bullshit. This isn’t the relationship you want to be in. She’s all about her first, and anything you say or do comes second.


SOURCE: http://the1stclasslifestyle.com




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